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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Mr. & Mrs. Burck- Lake Tahoe Wedding Photographer

I can't believe I haven't blogged since August 28th! I guess I have just been so busy that the blog got put on the back burner. Well Thomas and Adiena's wedding is the perfect way to get back in to it. It's a pretty whirlwind story about how Thomas and Adiena came about hiring me. If you follow me, I shot a wedding back in July in Burlingame for Nikki and Robert. At that wedding a very sweet guy came up to me asking all about what I do, what I charge and then began to tell me how his sister was getting married the next month but wasn't hiring a professional photographer. Well, as much as we all love our friends and family that are willing to take photos for us, in my opinion it's just not the same! We talked for a few minutes and I got back to work. I could see him going around the room talking to his family and finally Thomas and Adiena. The few days after the wedding I spent time talking with Adiena, her mom, and her dad about why they should hire me. I'm so incredibly thankful and blessed that they decided to hire me last minute, especially when I know it's not a small expense! They ended up hiring me just three weeks before their wedding, which gave us barely any time to get to know each other. When wedding day came my second shooter and I drove up to North Lake Tahoe and the drive was BEAUTIFUL! The day was absolutely perfect weather for a wedding. Thomas and Adiena got married at the Hyatt in Incline Village and I was so excited to photograph there. It was my first Tahoe wedding and technically my first out of state wedding (Nevada). Sometimes wedding days don't go quite as planned and although it may be stressful, I've shot enough weddings that it's pretty easy to move things around. Thankfully Thomas and Adiena were so flexible that it was an easy fix. The ceremony was short and sweet and was over before we knew it. We quickly took the family and bridal party photos and then we moved on to the reception. I had such a BLAST at there reception! It was especially fun to see Nikki and Robert again! Whenever I see past clients at weddings I always try and snag a photo with them, so thankful my second shooter Tyler was there to snap it for us. I feel like I talk a lot about why couples should hire a professional photographer, but another vendor I think can really effect your wedding day is your DJ. They really control the flow of the reception, and if they are good, can keep everything going with no awkward down time. Thankfully they had a really awesome DJ that did such a good job at keeping everything going and played such good dance music! One thing I LOVED about their reception was the dancing. Adiena's Grandma and Grandpa were two of the best dancers of the night! I loved watching their grand-kids dance with them out on the floor having so much fun. I think that's the other part of weddings that is so important, HAVING FUN! It's your day of celebration, so LET LOOSE! It makes for great photos (wink wink.) During the reception before we lost all light I borrowed Adiena and Thomas to take a few photos on the beach. I love love love their beach photos so much. It made me really want to shoot another wedding near a lake or an ocean again! So anyone getting married somewhere like that you know who to call! The night ended with lots of dancing, laughter and cake. I feel so honored to take part in their day and just like my other past clients, I hope I will be able to work with them again. Thank you Thomas and Adiena so much for deciding last minute to hire me, I'm so thankful to have met you both!!

PS- Blogger somehow changed the color on some of my photographs, mostly the black and whites! It's pretty noticeable, so please excuse the discoloration!